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We are very pleased to welcome you to the A1A Locomotives Ltd website. We hope it will provide an interesting read as well as a bank of factual information about what we are and what we do.. All photographs used are from the ' A1A archive ' unless otherwise credited.


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It is planned to commence the brick and blockwork to the A1A shed at Swanwick  Jct MR-B in July, the work is expected to take 3 weeks to complete.

Trackwork will be laid during this period as well as an electricity supply. It is therefore hoping we can start using this facility during early September.



We are pleased to announce that 31271 has been invited to the North Yorkshire Moors Railway Diesel Gala over the long weekend of Friday 26th - Sunday 28th June.

More details soon..



We are pleased to announce that 31162 has been invited to the Wensleydale Railway Diesel Gala over the long weekend of Friday 17th - Sunday 19th July.

More details soon..



We are offering driver experience on 31271 at the Nene Valley Railway on Monday 21st September.

Please contact the NVR on 01780 784444 to book.

More details here .



Work on 31418 has seen 12 overhauled fuel Injectors fitted along with relevant pipework.  Work to the wheelsets has also been undertaken.

Work has started on renewing the steel above the handrail recesses at no 2 end with the corroded areas cut out ready for renewal. Door frames and cab doors are being 'adjusted' to fit....

No 1 end cab doors have had all corroded steel cut out and replaced. Both doors are now off-site and having internal wood replaced.

31418 is presently sheeted over and stored in 'C' Bay. Unfortunately due to contract work, it has had to be moved out of the PRCLT West Shed until mid March. Due to the wet atmosphere in 'C' Bay little work will be carried out until it is moved out into a shed with a roof ! It is then hoped to complete work to its restoration.








Introducing A1A Locomotives Ltd

We are dedicated to actively preserving & operating class 31 diesel locos and membership is open to anyone supporting these aims. The company was formed in Autumn 1995 taking over the operations from the former A1A Group, which was itself formed at an inaugural meeting of committed class 31 followers on the 'Wensleydale Wanderer' railtour of 27/05/1990. All locomotive maintainence is carried out by A1A Locos Ltd as is the operation of all our fleet.

The Fleet

Our operational fleet consists of unrefurbished 31162 together with refurbished 31108 and 31271. One-time unique 'Skinhead' Class 31/4 and oldest surviving 'production series' class 31 no 31418 , is currently under long-term overhaul from 'as withdrawn' condition.

31123 was purchased for spares in 2005.


We are proud to have achieved a reputation for quality restoration work and reliable service at a wide variety of preservation centres and diesel events, some of which have brought the first ever visit of the class to a particular location.


Funds are raised by selling shares on a non-profit making basis, in the same way as several other successful preservation schemes. With over 200 shareholders in membership, we are committed to active preservation and every share sold will help us in the restoration, upkeep and operation of our fleet of four locos.

Your support will therefore be most welcome.


A1A Locomotives Ltd is registered in England & Wales.   Company Number 3101954.

Registered Office:   50 Thrunscoe Road
                             NE Lincolnshire
                             DN35 8TA

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